CNC Machining

g0350251Using the latest in high speed machining technology, CALM Fabrication is perfectly equipped to produce your custom parts. Whether one-off components, or higher volume runs, our HAAS VF3SS is able to produce parts faster and more accurately than ever before. Equipped with a 12000RPM spindle and 787 inch per minute cutting speeds, this machine allows for quick processing of material. A sizeable envelope of 40”(X) x, 20” (Y) x 25”(Z) provides wide versatility for both simply fixtured large parts, or smaller parts requiring more complex fixturing.

Our CNC milling center is paired with the HAAS ST20 turning center, and yields the perfect combination for effectively producing any of your project machining needs. With a maximum work piece size of 15” in diameter and 21” in length, the CNC lathe is complemented by the capacity for 2” though bore work, achieving parts up to 40″ in length.

Combining both of these machines with the latest in Sandvik tooling allows for lower tooling costs overall, and better finishes for your parts. Longer lasting tools allow for better process stability with a more reliable outcome.

Mastercam is our CAD/CAM choice to unleash the speed of these machines.

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