CALM Fabrication employs the use of MasterCam, the most widely used CAM software in the industry. Having both CNC Mill and CNC Lathe programming in the same package is important as it allows easy part transitions between machines, and expedites the production of your parts. MasterCam software allows for streamlined processing of part files through various strategies developed over 30 years of development.

CALM has transitioned to the latest in interface ergonomics through MasterCam 2017, which allows for even easier use. Combined with ever progressing tool paths, such as dynamic milling and rest milling, we can gain additional speed by using it in-lieu of conventional strategies. Furthermore we achieve amazing tool life gains, reducing costs that are passed on to the customer. Rest milling reduces the time the machine spends not making chips, allowing for easy combination of large and small tools to get the job done quickly.

In cases where 3D solid models are not available, CALM Fabrication can create your part directly in MasterCam, taking your ideas from napkin sketch to 3D component with ease. Likewise, on-the-fly modifications to part designs are easily achieved directly within the CAM environment. For more complex design requirements, We employ the use of SolidEdge CAD software to quickly and effectively create the models and assemblies for your project.