About Us

20160915-water-towerCALM Fabrication is a metal fabrication shop located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Specializing in custom CNC machining of small to medium sized parts, our machine shop complements the many larger part fabrication companies in our local area. While we specialize in aluminum fabrication, our equipment and metal fabrication tools are suitable for steel fabrication, plastics machining, and to a lesser extent, ceramics machining.

CALM Fabrication was established in 2014 to address its parent company’s need for timely and tightly controlled part production. These early projects involved the precision machining of custom components that were used in the Osteo-4 and InVitro Bone research payloads, both destined for flight aboard the international space station. Having now completed these programs, and with this critical experience under our belt, we are offering precision machining services to customers external to the larger CALM group.

20160915-innovation-driveLocated in Southeastern Ontario, we are well positioned to serve customers in any market, and we look forward to serving clients on both sides of the border. Our proximity to upstate New York also allows for easy access to the US market. With considerable experience in exportation to countries worldwide, we can ship your completed parts timely and economically, to wherever your project demands them.