Welcome to CALM Fabrication

Two years in the making, but we’re finally ready to get started.

dsc04685Why two years? Well, CALM Fabrication was originally started to meet the needs of its parent company, CALM Technologies.  Working on a project for the European Space Agency, CALM Tech had a lot of work lined up us, and we’re now wrapping up the last of those parts. 

In addition to completing the work for CALM Tech, our internal goals for those two years were simple: 

  • Use the time to get an effective and efficient production process set up
  • Establish our supplier relationships for materials and tooling
  • Work out any bugs in the system
  • Develop proficiency with the latest CAM software
  • Establish a quality system, and get registered to ISO9001:2008

We are happy to say that each of those goals has been met, and we’re ready to do business.

Anab CertificateThis blog will serve as a window into some of the work that we’ve been doing.  We’ll discuss issues that we’ve encountered and lessons we’ve learned.  We might talk about tips and tricks for streamlining the part production process.  In some cases, we may just want to brag about some of the cool stuff we’re making.  We hope you’ll find it informative, helpful, or at the very least, interesting.

We’re looking forward to working with you.  Give us a call.

Welcome to CALM Fabrication.