Providing timely and tightly controlled part production, as well as precision machining services for NASA and other clients.

Lathe Turret
  • We work tirelessly to make your parts to the exacting specifications you provide us. You give us your drawings or models, your key inspection points, and we produce your parts. To meet our ISO 9001:2008 requirements, all of our work is held to this standard, so the only thing left to decide is the time and price.

    Click Make It for our standard quote form, or choose one of the other options above depending on your specific needs.Make It

  • CALM Fabrications’s Make it Fast option allows you to get your parts on an aggressive schedule. You set the timeline. We quote the price. If we think the specified time frame is manageable, we’ll work around the clock to get the parts to you when you need them.Make It Fast
  • Calm Fabrications’s Make it Cheap option allows you to benefit from the shop’s expected down time. You set the price. We set the timeline. If we think the price is right – you get your parts at a discounted rate, and we get to fill otherwise unused machine time.Make It Cheap

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20160915 Water Tower2CALM Fabrication is a metal fabrication shop located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Specializing in custom CNC machining of small to medium sized parts…  [Read More]